Egoza razor mesh

Barbed wire fence – Egoza razor mesh

We present a novelty in the assortment range of fences of TM “Egoza” made of barbed wire – the “Egoza” razor mesh. Everyone knows that mesh fences are recognized as one of the most budgetary types of metal fencing. Although the traditional fence made of chain-link grid attracts with its cheapness and simple installation, it is short-lived, quickly loses its appearance and is easy to overcome. If you need a stronger and more efficient fence, you should pay attention to the razor wire fence, which is ideal for long-term use in various weather conditions. The fence from the Egoza razor mesh has a rigid structure and does not sag, as it is made of fixed threads of galvanized razor wire.

The "Fidget" razor mesh is a reliable protection against penetration into the territory of both industrial enterprises, forest and agricultural plots, and private facilities. Razor mesh, although not easy to install, at the same time capable of serving at least 15 years. The different thickness of the razor wire allows you to create fences for different needs. The most effective is the razor mesh fence of the Egoza-Caiman razor wire, used in industrial enterprises and other strategic facilities requiring a high degree of protection.

Like other metal fences, the Egoza razor mesh fence has a mesh design, diamond-shaped cells which can be made of any required size. Such fences transmit light well, visually expand the territory and successfully combine with most buildings and landscape solutions. These structures are strong and durable, well tolerate mechanical stress and require virtually no maintenance. When choosing a fence, remember that the most practical metal fence is the one whose material is galvanized. This design will last a long time and does not require maintenance and maintenance costs. Galvanized steel fences are not subject to corrosion; therefore, they do not need to be painted.

The installation of mesh fences, like any metal fence, involves the preliminary installation of the frame, for the creation of which support pillars and horizontal veins (logs) are used. These elements serve to strengthen the entire structure and give it stability. Fastening the lag on poles is carried out by welding, bolts or embedded parts. Installation is not complicated, but since the Egoza razor mesh can cause injuries, it is safer to entrust its installation to professionals.

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