Egoza-Alligator razor wire

Egoza Alligator barbed wire
Drawing of a barbed wire Egoza Alligator

The main parameters of Egoza Alligator

ДDiameter of razor wire 4.3 mm

Tear resistance to 1600 MPa

Zinc coating up 290 g/m2

Price of razor wire 8700 UAH

Egoza Alligator barbed wire

Egoza Alligator barbed wire is used for a protection of objects and production of various types of razor wire obstacles. Barbed wire Fidget Alligator is one of the most reliable types of Egoza reinforced barbed tape.

Egoza-Alligator razor wire is rolled on automatic equipment from high carbon galvanized wire EN 50189 and stamped Egoza-Super barbed tape from galvanized steel EN 10346. High quality reinforced barbed tape Egoza-Alligator provides high-quality raw materials and modern equipment for its production.

Egoza Alligator barbed wire is used in the manufacture of spiral barriers with a diameter of 600...1500 mm with 5, 7 and 9 clips, flat barriers with a diameter of 600 and 750 mm, as well as mobile barriers with a diameter of 950 and 1250 mm. Highly effective barriers are made from Egoza Alligator razor wire – pyramidal and double concertina barrier Egoza. For mounting and fastening the coils of reinforced barbed tape Egoza-Alligator, a Super-type clips is used.

The barbed wire Egoza-Alligator is sold under the trademark Egoza.


Razor wire diameter, mm4.3
Wire diameter, mm3.2
Wire standardEN 50189
Temporary tear resistance, MPa1600
Zinc coating of wire, g/m2100
Thickness of razor tape, mm0.55
Steel standardEN 10346
Zinc coating of razor tape, g/m2140-290
Pitch of teeth of razor tape, mm30.0
The length of the blades of razor tape, mm16.0
The radius of the base of the blades, mm2.5
Barbed wire Egoza Alligator Egoza Alligator barbed wire against the sky Barbed wire Egoza Alligator Egoza Alligator

Egoza-Alligator price

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