Screw piles

Screw pile for mounting Egoza obstacles
Drawing of a screw pile for mounting concertina

The main parameters of the screw pile

Screw pile length 500 mm

Screw pile diameter 25 mm

Screw pile price from 520 UAH/pcs.

Винтовые сваи для заграждений Егоза

The screw pile is designed for mounting spiral, pyramidal and other types of Egoza obstacles in open areas. Screw piles are screwed into the ground and securely hold the Egoza razor wire obstacles attached to them.

The screw pile is equipped with a blade for screwing into the ground, and at the opposite end of the pile there is a hole for fastening the Egoza barrier (for example, a pyramidal barrier) or other structures.

At installation of barbed wire obstacles complete with screw piles, fittings are usually used. The reinforcement is passed through the lugs of the screw piles and is welded together, reliably securing the Egoza razor wire obstacle.


Screw pile length, mm500
Screw pile diameter, mm25
Screw diameter, mm100
Screw pile blade Screw pile for mounting Egoza wire Hole screw pile for mounting Egoza obstacles
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