Egoza barbed wire fence

Barbed wire fence
Drawing of a fence from Egoza barbed wire

The main parameters of barbed wire fence

Fence height 2000 mm

Fence section length 2500 mm

Diameter of barbed tape to 3.8 mm

Egoza razor wire fence

Egoza barbed wire fence is a modern version of the old fence of the usual barbed wire.

The fence from the Egoza reinforced barbed tape is much stronger than a fence from a barbed wire, at the same time its cost is lower, than many other types of the razor obstacles and fences. The fence from razor wire is distinguished by high transparency, which is important for monitoring the territory adjacent to the protected object.

The fence is made of Egoza-Standard or Egoza-Caiman reinforced barbed tape, in the places of intersection of the razor wire threads are installed clips of the Standard or Super type.

The use of Egoza barbed wire brings the maximum benefit when replacing the usual barbed wire – while installing razor wire, you can use poles and other structures on which the usual barbed wire was previously installed.

Additionally, over Egoza barbed wire fence, you can install a visor made of reinforced barbed tape or Egoza flat barrier.

Drawing Egoza-Standard reinforced barbed tape Drawing clips for Egoza Standard barbed wire Drawing of Egoza Caiman barbed wire Drawing clips for Egoza Caiman barbed wire


Fence height, mm2000
Fence section length, mm2500
Diameter of the razor wire, mm3.5; 3.8
Egoza barbed wire fence Barbed wire fence Clip on Egoza barbed wire
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