V-type holder

Holder for barbed wire Egoza
Drawing holders for mounting Egoza barbed wire

The main parameters of the holders

Concertina barrier diameter up to 950 mm

Flat barrier height up to 750 mm

Holder price from 250 UAH/pcs.

V- holders for razor wire barriers

Holders of this type are used to install spiral and flat barriers, as well as Egoza reinforced barbed tape on the fence of welded panels. V-shaped holders are specially designed for fastening metal fences from welded panels to metal poles. The holder is protected from corrosion by hot galvanizing, and can also be painted with polymer paint to match the color of the fence panels.

The holder has holes for attachment to the fence posts, as well as holes for fastening on it tension wires, reinforced barbed tape, flat or spiral barriers. The holders can be installed on poles one by one or in pairs, depending on the design of the Egoza razor wire barrier.


Длина кронштейна, мм720
The angle of the holder, degrees45
Maximum width of a flat barrier, mm750
Maximum diameter of concertina barrier, mm950
Two holders for installation of Egoza barriers Holder on a metal fence post Linear tension wire on the holder Holders for Egoza razor wire
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