Egoza-Super razor tape

Egoza Super barbed tape
Drawing of Egoza Super barbed tape for the manufacture of Egoza razor wire

Основные параметры колючей ленты

Razor tape width 22.5 mm

Razor tape thickness up 0.55 mm

Zinc coating 140-290 g/m2

Razor tape price 210 UAH/kg

Egoza-Super barbed tape

Egoza-Super razor tape is used in the production of Egoza-Alligator and Egoza-Super razor wire.

Egoza-Super barbed tape is made 0.55 mm thick. Egoza Super razor tape is made of galvanized steel EN 10346. Stamping of barbed tape is carried out using modern punching equipment. The width of the section for crimping the Egoza-Super barbed tape allows you to fix the core with a diameter of up to 3.8 mm.

The special construction of the stamp allows you to make Egoza-Super razor tape with high performance properties. Egoza Super barbed tape has sharp spikes and cutting edges, and rounding at the base of the spikes significantly increase the strength of the barbed tape.

Razor tape sold under the brand name Egoza.


Razor tape width, mm22.5
Razor tape thickness, mm0.55
Steel standardEN 10346
Zinc coating, g/m2140-290
Pitch of teeth of barbed tape, mm30.0
Length of barbed tape blades, mm16.0
The radius of the base of the blades, mm2.5
Tape width for crimping wire, mm11.0
Barbed tape Egoza Super Stamped Egoza Super barbed tape Barbed tape for Egoza Alligator and Egoza Super barbed wire Egoza Super razor tape

Egoza-Super tape price

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