Egoza Plastic Razor Wire

Egoza plastic razor wire is made of PVC plastic and is designed to create security barriers that are planned to be used in an aggressive environment. This can be the seashore or sea vessels, where high humidity, combined with sea salt, leads to rapid corrosion of even galvanized metal products, or other objects with difficult natural or man-made conditions.

Egoza plastic razor wire tape is produced by continuous extrusion of a billet with a thickened middle and a plane protruding in both directions. Then, by stamping, blades of any required shape and size are formed, and the plastic waste is sent back to the extruder, which makes the production of Egoza plastic razor wire practically waste-free.

The design of the plastic razor wire is patented in Ukraine, Kazakhstan and the Russian Federation – Ukrainian patent No. 102841 IPC section B21F 25/00, E04H 17/04, Russian patent No. 2475326 IPC section: B21F 25/00 and Kazakhstan patent No. 24686 IPC section B21F 25/00, the barbed tape itself is sold under the Egoza trademark under a license from its owner. A long-term guarantee is given for the Egoza plastic barbed tape.

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