Egoza razor mesh barrier

Razor mesh from Egoza barbed wire
Drawing of a razor grid Egoza

The main parameters of the razor mesh

Diameter of razor wire 3.8 mm

Barrier height to 2700 mm

Tear resistance to 1600 MPa

Zinc coating up 290 g/m2

Barrier price from 12180 UAH

Egoza razor mesh obstacle

Egoza razor mesh is a flat razor wire barrier with diamond-shaped cells.

Egoza barbed mesh can be used as a reinforcement for any type of fence, for example, a fence made of welded panels, or used as a separate barbed-cutting barrier – for example, a barbed wire fence.

Egoza razor mesh consists of segments of razor wire, fastened together in a checkerboard pattern, and is a canvas 10 m long and 2000 meters wide, 2400 mm, or 2700 mm wide. Segments of a razor mesh are fastened between themselves with clips, forming a continuous barbed barrier of any length.

Razor mesh barrier is made from the Egoza-Caiman razor wire with a diameter of 3.8 mm, in its design Super clips are used.

Razor wire mesh is sold under the trademark Egoza.


Height of razor mesh, mm2000; 2400; 2700
Diameter of razor wire, mm3.8
Razor mesh length, m10
Egoza grid Razor wire grid Egoza barbed mesh on a welded fence panel Razor wire mesh Egoza

Price of razor mesh

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