Welded panel fence

Welded grid fence
Drawing of the fence of welded panels

The main parameters of the fence of welded panels

Fence height to 2430 mm

Length of one section 2500 mm

Diameter of grid rods up to 6 mm

Metal fence from welded grid

Welded panels fence or a fence of welded grid is a universal fencing of the territory of any objects. A fence made of welded grid can protect a private area or an object with increased security requirements.

Welded panels for the fence are made of wire with a diameter of 3, 4, 5 and 6 mm and are of two types – with double (A) or single (B) horizontal rods. To protect against corrosion, the welded panels are protected by hot-dip galvanizing and can additionally be painted with polymer powder paint in the desired color. The fence panels are fixed on the pillars with reliable clamps.

Fence posts are made of a rectangular tube, protected from corrosion by hot-dip galvanizing and can be additionally painted in any color with polymer powder paint. The top hole of the post is closed with a cap.

Welded grid fence is a universal basis for the system of engineering protection of the perimeter. The fence can be strengthened with the help of a razor mesh, with the help of special holders it can be equipped with a flat or spiral Egoza security barrier. For the installation of the fence can be used elongated pillars designed for the installation of surveillance cameras.

Drawing welded panel for the fence Drawings of types of welded grid for the fence Drawing of a fence post


Fence height, mm, to2430
Length of one section, mm2500
Diameter of grid rods, mm3, 4, 5, 6
Cell size, mm50 x 200
Welded fence panel Welded grid fence at the Metro supermarket Stiffener welded panel Gate from the framed welded grid Welded panel fencing Welded mesh fence Iron fence Metal fencing
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