Egoza Composite Razor Tape

Egoza composite razor tape is designed to replace old barbed wire at facilities without special safety requirements. Composite razor tape has a high tensile strength, has sharp cutting spikes and is quite suitable for creating security barriers of the territory. Egoza composite razor tape is not afraid of moisture and does not rust, therefore the service life of such razor tape is quite long.

Egoza composite razor tape is made of polymer material with reinforcing fibers by stamping. This ensures the high strength of the barbed tape and the sharp edges of its blades. Polymers reinforced with fiberglass, steel or other threads are used as raw materials for the production of Egoza composite razor tape.

The design of the composite razor tape is patented in Ukraine, Kazakhstan and the Russian Federation – patent of Ukraine No. 102841 section of the IPC B21F 25/00, E04H 17/04, patent of Russia No. 2475326 section of the IPC: B21F 25/00 and patent of Kazakhstan No. 24686 section of the IPC B21F 25/00, composite razor tape is sold under the Egoza trademark under a license from its owner. A long-term warranty is given for Egoza composite razor tape.

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