We specialize in the creation of comprehensive systems of perimeter security for objects of any purpose, be it a small private or commercial facility, or the territory of a large industrial enterprise or a facility. We produce a wide range of products to ensure the safety of objects and perform professional installation of engineering security systems at the facility.

We design, manufacture, sell, deliver and install the Egoza security barriers

Our Egoza razor wire and Egoza security barriers are made of quality galvanized metal and high-carbon spring wire on modern automatic punching equipment. Our Egoza razor wire and security barriers are certified, manufactured in accordance with new specifications, trademarks and original design developments are protected by patents and licenses.

Production of Egoza razor wire

The manufacturer of products under the Egoza trademark in Ukraine is the "Caiman" Production Group LLC, which has a full cycle of production of the Egoza razor wire and the Egoza security barriers. Only high-quality raw materials are used in the production of razor wire and barriers, all stages of production of Egoza barbed wire and razor wire obstacles are maximally automated.

Automation of production of Egoza razor wire

In the production process, stamping of razor tape and staples is carried out, rolling of barbed tape on the core of spring wire, winding of spiral barriers and manufacturing of barriers of other types. The presence of several independent punching and rolling lines makes it possible to simultaneously produce different types of Egoza razor wire and spiral security barriers from it. All operations for the manufacture of Egoza are automated, which allows the rapid and high-quality production of large amounts of Egoza razor wire in a short time.

Production capacity

The Caiman production group has a large capacity for the production of security barriers, capable of fulfilling orders of almost any volume in a short time. The presence of reserve stamping and other equipment allows to quickly increase production capacity several times in case of need. The production of razor-wire and barriers is certified according to the ISO standard and allows to produce products at the level of the best world standards.

Purchase of Egoza razor wire

Thanks to the powerful production of Egoza razor-wire, we always have a wide range of security barriers and razor wire in the warehouse, which can be bought at any time without waiting for their manufacture. Delivery of razor wire and security barriers is carried out depending on the volume of purchase – relatively small lots are shipped through Ukraine free of charge through carrier companies, and large shipments are delivered on an individual basis.

Installation of the razor wire

Installation of razor wire, installation of fences and fences, video surveillance systems, access control and alarms – all this is carried out by highly qualified specialists of our company. We have our own transport and all the necessary equipment for installing wire spikes in any conditions. But the main thing is that our specialists have a great experience in designing and assembling the razor wire obstacles and other perimeter protection systems, which makes it possible to create reliable protection of our facilities for our clients. We provide a long-term guarantee for all the installation work and supplied products.

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