Egoza Crash Barrier for Highways

We offer our customers high quality Egoza crash barriers for highways. Egoza crash barriers for highways are installed along the sides of the roads or on the dividing strip dividing traffic flows moving in opposite directions.

The road crash barrier is a robust metal structure that reduces road traffic accidents, in most cases preventing accidental driving off the roadway. The Egoza crash barrier is made in the form of a wide strip of metal with longitudinal stiffening ribs that provide the barrier with high strength. The crash barrier is installed with metal posts. The surface of the road crash barrier can be simply galvanized, or painted in the desired color or combination of colors.

For the safety of vehicles, the initial and final elements of the crash barrier are equipped with rounded tips, which reduce the risk of damage to the vehicle and passengers. To increase road safety, passive reflective elements can be installed along the crash barrier.

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