Egoza barbed wire installation

Installation of Egoza barbed wire
Options for mounting Egoza barbed wire

Barbed wire installation

Barbed wire installation and Egoza razor wire obstacles mounting is carried out by professional installers who have extensive experience with barbed wire and Egoza barriers.

Egoza barbed wire is installed on all types of fences – concrete and brick fence, a fence of welded panels and other types of fences. We have all the necessary permissions to perform works of increased danger. All work on the installation of barbed wire is carried out by specialists, equipped with all the necessary equipment to work in any conditions.

Our specialists install any types of Egoza barriers – razor wire, concertina and flat barriers, razor mesh, pyramidal and other special types of razor wire barriers, for example, double concertina barriers. With the use of the Egoza razor mesh, all types of fences are reinforced – from the fence from the chain-link mesh to the fences of welded panels.

High qualification of installers allows you to install Egoza razor wire obstacles in virtually any environment – from a solid household or shopping complex to a large enterprise or even on rough terrain. In any case, perimeter security will be guaranteed!

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