Egoza Mechanical Turnstiles

Our company offers Egoza mechanical turnstiles of various types and designs. Despite the emergence of many types of automatic turnstiles, mechanical turnstiles are still in widespread demand.

Egoza mechanical turnstiles are used when there is no need to somehow identify people, but just need to ensure the uniformity of their movement in a certain area or in a room in order to avoid crowding and other troubles. A mechanical turnstile without any electronics or automation is quite suitable for this purpose.

There are both Egoza belt-type mechanical turnstiles and full-height ones, which completely prevent the possibility of overcoming the turnstile in any way. Versions of turnstiles may also differ depending on their operating conditions and customer requirements. All variants of turnstiles allow blocking traffic through them, and in case of emergencies, on the contrary, unblocking the turnstile, freeing up a free passage for evacuation.

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