Seasonal Discounts on Egoza Barbed Wire

12 October 2020
Egoza barbed wire cheap

Since October 12, 2020, the Caiman Production Group has been reducing prices for the entire range of products, which includes barbed wire and security barriers, which are sold under the Egoza trademark. The discount is 5% of current prices and is given both when buying Egoza barbed wire or Egoza security barriers through the online store of the official website of the Caiman Production Group, and when ordering in any convenient way for the buyer – by e-mail, through the online order form or by phone.

Discounts apply to the entire range of products that can be bought under the Egoza trademark – Egoza-Standard, Egoza-Caiman, Egoza-Alligator and Egoza-Super razor wire, as well as all types of security barriers made of these types of Egoza barbed wire. These are Egoza concertina barriers and flat barriers, Egoza quick-release barriers and pyramidal barriers, Egoza razor mesh and other types of security barriers.

Discounts on Egoza barbed wire and other types of barriers of the Caiman Production Group begin to operate from October 12, 2020 and are available until November 12, 2020 – within a month. Hurry up to take advantage of the favorable offer and reliably protect your property!


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