Egoza trademark website

25 September 2018
Egoza brand new website

The new website of the Egoza trademark was launched, representing the products of the Caiman Production Group, Ukraine. Caiman Production Group is the leading Ukrainian producer of modern barbed wire, razor wire barriers and other means of perimeter engineering protection. Barbed wire and other products of the Caiman Production Group are marketed and advertised under several brands, and Egoza is one of the most famous brands.

The Egoza trademark advertises and sells the modern Egoza razor wire, various types of Egoza concertina barriers, the Egoza flat security barrier, the Egoza quick-release barriers, the Egoza pyramidal barriers and other types of engineering perimeter protection systems. The Egoza website presents a wide range of products under the Egoza brand – 4 types of modern razor wire and about 80 sizes of concertina barriers based on them, 8 types of Egoza flat barriers, pyramidal barriers from several Egoza concertinas, razor mesh from Egoza barbed wire and other types of barbed wire barriers and obstacles.

In addition, the site of the Egoza trademark presents various types of fences and barriers made using Egoza barbed wire, Egoza flat and concertina barriers, and many other products, as well as current information on the price of barbed wire and security barriers offered by the Production Group Caiman under the trademark Egoza.


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