The Caiman Production Group is 26 years old!

29 August 2020
Cayman is 26 years old

On August 29, 2020, the Caiman Production Group celebrated its 26th anniversary. Caiman Production Group is the leader of the Ukrainian market for Egoza barbed wire, Egoza security barriers and other means of engineering protection of the perimeter of protected objects. Today, the Caiman Production Group can offer its customers a wide range of specialized products and services that will help to reliably protect any property from intruders.

The past year turned out to be not the best in many respects – from the economic downturn in the second half of 2019 to quarantine measures in connection with the Covid-19 coronavirus pandemic, the consequences of which the Ukrainian economy is still experiencing. But despite the difficulties, the Caiman Production Group continues to develop production, expand the range of products and improve communication with our customers. For example, this year the functionality of the website of the Caiman Production Group was supplemented with the possibility of online ordering and payment for Egoza barbed wire and other products.

It is worth recalling that today the Caiman Production Group offers its customers the widest range of barbed wire and security barriers – more than a hundred types of concertina barriers, dozens of types of flat security barriers, mobile and pyramidal barbed wire security barriers, Piranha razor mesh and much other. On the website of the Egoza trademark, products are presented that are sold under the Egoza trademark, and a complete list of products and additional information is posted on the official website of the leading manufacturer of Egoza barbed wire – the Caiman Production Group.


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