Egoza – a fence without a fence

Egoza – convenient and practical protection

The purpose of the construction of any fence is to protect the territory from unwanted intrusion of unauthorized persons and animals. But often the construction of a new fence is an expensive and lengthy event. How to avoid unnecessary expenses and save time if there is no fence at the facility, and it is necessary to protect the territory immediately? The solution to this situation will undoubtedly be barbed wire fencing of large diameter concertinas that do not require a fence.

Egoza barriers for installation without a fence are made with a diameter of up to two meters. For such high barriers, the most durable Egoza-Super razor wire with a thickness of 5 mm or more is used. One running meter of such an effective barrier will not cost so much, and due to its excellent strength characteristics, the Egoza-Super security barriers will last for a long time without any additional maintenance costs.

Egoza Super razor wire fences are reliable and efficient; they can be used as permanent or temporary fences. A huge advantage of Egoza security barriers is their low cost, ease of installation and high strength. An additional plus is the possibility of their repeated use, Egoza barbed wire fences are not subject to deformation and are ready for use at a new facility after dismantling.

Egoza-Super concertina barriers are excellent for fencing construction sites, industrial, agricultural and forest areas, water resources and can be easily reinstalled if necessary. The highest barrier qualities are possessed by the pyramidal barriers – several Egoza concertina barriers fixed in the form of a pyramid.

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