Steel EN 10346 – we pass to the European standards

12 February 2019
Galvanized steel EN 10346

Egoza razor wire will be made of galvanized steel EN 10346 – go to European standards. All the largest Ukrainian manufacturers of rolled metal products have switched to European standards, and in the future, hot dip galvanized steel EN 10346 will be used instead of GOST 14918-80, which was previously used to produce our Egoza barbed wire.

Hot dip galvanized steel EN 10346 fully meets the requirements for raw materials for the production of modern Egoza barbed wire and will be used by us both for the production of razor tape and for the manufacture of clips used for the manufacture of razor wire security barriers and the installation of Egoza barbed wire at the facilities.

Since the contact of the razor tape and clips with the environment is much larger than the core of the Egoza barbed wire from high-carbon hot dip galvanized wire, steel with a thicker hot dip zinc coating is used for their manufacture. The thickness of the hot dip zinc coating of steel coils used for the manufacture of barbed tape and staples is 140-290 g/m2 – this is sufficient to reliably protect the metal from exposure to humid environments, precipitation and other natural factors to which barbed is exposed Egoza razor wire installed at the facility.


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