Cayman is 27 years old!

29 August 2021
Caiman Production Group turns 27

On August 29, 2021, the Caiman Production Group, a leading domestic manufacturer of modern Egoza barbed wire and Concertina security barriers, turns 27 years old. Founded in 1994, the Caiman Production Group is today the largest manufacturer of modern barbed wire – Egoza razor wire, as well as concertina and other security barriers made of razor wire. A wide range of products and services for perimeter protection, as well as a flexible pricing policy of the enterprise, puts the Caiman Production Group out of competition. Barbed wire and security barriers with such characteristics as those of the Caiman Production Group cannot be offered by any competitors from Ukraine or neighboring countries – the diameter of Egoza razor wire can reach 5 mm, and the diameter of the concertina barriers, based on it, is 2400 mm!

Despite the difficulties caused by both the ongoing pandemic of the Covid-19 coronavirus and the sharp increase in the prices of raw materials in international markets, which made it difficult for the normal economic activity and development of the enterprise, the Caiman Production Group successfully continues its activities in the field of engineering perimeter protection, providing services such as private clients and government agencies. For example, at present, the Caiman Production Group is manufacturing a large batch of Concertina barriers for one of the government departments, the production of which, due to technical reasons, could not be undertaken by any of the domestic manufacturers of barbed wire. This proves once again that the capacities of the Caiman Production Group allow us to fulfill complex and large orders in a relatively short time, while the quality of the Egoza razor wire and Egoza and Concertina security barriers remains, as always, at its best.

Having behind it many years of activity in the market of engineering systems for perimeter protection, as well as rich experience in the design, production and installation of Egoza razor wire and concertina barriers, the Caiman Production Group is ready to further develop its activities both domestically and abroad.


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