The Caiman Production Group celebrated its 25th anniversary!

29 August 2019
Cayman is 25 years old

Founded in 1994, Caiman Production Group celebrated its 25th anniversary on August 29, 2019. Having started its activities as a small company, now Caiman Production Group is a leading Ukrainian manufacturer of Egoza barbed wire, various types of razor obstacles, fences and barriers, and a major supplier of equipment for the protection of objects – alarm and video surveillance systems, non-lethal electroshock systems and access control equipment. Consumers of the Caiman Production Group products are both private individuals and small firms, and large industrial enterprises, as well as government agencies. Barbed wire and security barriers of the Caiman Production Group are used by the Ministry of Defense, the Ministry of Internal Affairs, the State Border Service of Ukraine and other law enforcement agencies.

The Caiman Production Group is constantly improving production, improving the quality of barbed wire and security barriers, and expanding their range. Today, the Caiman Production Group can offer its customers more than 120 types of security barriers of various designs and purposes, made of 6 types of modern barbed wire. All products are certified; their high quality is confirmed by numerous documents. Respecting intellectual property rights, the Caiman Production Group uses only those brands for which it has licenses from the copyright holder – Egoza (Madrid system), Egoza-Super, Caiman, Cobra, Concertina, Gyurza, Piranha, Alligator (registered in Ukraine) for advertising and sales of its products.


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