On August 29, 2023, the Caiman Production Group turned 29 years old!

29 August 2023
Caiman turned 29 years old!

On August 29, 2023, the leading Ukrainian manufacturer of barbed wire and barriers, Caiman, celebrates a holiday - the Caiman Production Group turned 29 years old! This is a long time, especially in the market of security systems with high competition. Several factors have allowed the Caiman Production Group to maintain, develop and gain market share in the engineering perimeter protection systems - hard work, a serious attitude to product quality, professionalism at all levels, respect for intellectual property and flexible pricing policy. To date, the consumers of the Caiman Production Group products are such government agencies as the Ministry of Defense, the State Border Service, the Ministry of Internal Affairs, as well as many large and small enterprises. Despite the economic and organizational difficulties associated with the war against our country for more than a year and a half, we not only do not stop there, but also master new types of products, expanding our range of goods and services.

The Caiman Production Group offers its customers perhaps the world's best selection of modern Egoza barbed wire and razor-cutting barriers. In its assortment there are more than 120 types of razor-cut fences made of 6 types of reinforced barbed tape - this covers the entire range of security levels for any objects and allows you to find both ultra-reliable and budget solutions for any buyer. The production of Egoza barbed wire and Egoza barbed wire barriers is carried out on the Caiman Production Group's own equipment. Installation of Egoza barbed wire is carried out by professional installers with many years of experience in installing Egoza barbed wire fences at facilities of various types and purposes. Barbed wire and fences of the Caiman Production Group are advertised and sold under well-known trademarks - Egoza, Concertina, Gurza, Egoza-Super, Cobra, Piranha, Alligator.


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