Egoza Barbed wire – Uzhhorod and Zakarpatska oblast

Egoza barbed wire is delivered free of charge to the following cities of the Zakarpatska oblast: Uzhhorod, Mukacheve, Khust, Vynohradiv, Berehove, Svaliava, Rakhiv, Irshava, Tiachiv, Chop, Perechyn and other points in which there are branches of delivery services.

Egoza barbed wire is delivered free of charge to the Zakarpatska oblast, as well as in the region bordering the Zakarpatska oblast – Lviv and Lvivska oblast, as well as Ivano-Frankivsk and Ivano-Frankivska oblast. In addition, the Egoza barbed wire is delivered free of charge to all other regions of Ukraine, all cities and towns.

Razor wire price in Uzhhorod and Zakarpatska oblast

The price of the razor wire in case of purchase of barbed wire at retail is indicated in the price list. If you need razor wire price, which is planned to buy in large quantities in Uzhhorod and Zakarpatska oblast, you can contact us by phone, e-mail or via the online order form, and find out all the questions of interest. Our managers will advise you on the price of the Egoza, the delivery time of the product you are interested in, the need to install barbed wire and other working points.

Razor wire installation in Uzhhorod and Zakarpatska oblast

Installation of such a specific product as Egoza barbed wire should be carried out only by qualified specialists. If you entrust the installation of razor wire barriers to non-professionals, the reliability of perimeter protection will be questionable. In addition, as practice shows, if the razor wire is installed on its own, not to avoid injuries, sometimes severe. All this can be avoided by using the services of our specialists for the installation of barbed wire in Uzhhorod and Zakarpatska oblast. Installation of Egoza barbed wire, we are engaged in professional installers, for many years working with similar products. High qualifications and the necessary skills of installers in conjunction with the technical equipment of the assembly team allow you to quickly and accurately install concertina barbed wire on any object.

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