Razor wire delivery on Ukraine

Egoza barbed wire, spiral, flat, mobile, pyramidal and other barriers of Egoza are delivered free of charge throughout Ukraine. The dispatch of Egoza is carried out within 24 hours after payment of the order, Egoza is delivered by Nova Poshta or another carrier to the customer's choice. In most cases, Egoza barbed wire is delivered to customers throughout the day. For all products under the trademark Egoza is given a long warranty.

Delivery of razor wire is carried out in the following cities and regions of Ukraine - Kyiv and Kyiv region, Vinnitsa and Vinnitsa region, Dnipro (formerly Dnipropetrovsk) and Dnipropetrovsk region, Lutsk and Volyn region, Chernihiv and Chernihiv region. The Egoza concertina wire is delivered free of charge to Chernivtsi and Chernivtsi region, Nikolaev and Mykolaiv region, Khmelnytsky and Khmelnytsky region, Lugansk and Lugansk region, Poltava and Poltava region, Kherson and Kherson region. The Egoza razor barriers are delivered to Uzhgorod and the Transcarpathian region, Odessa and Odessa region, Rivne and Rivne region, Zhytomyr and Zhytomyr region, Donetsk and Donetsk region, Kropivnitsky (formerly Kirovograd) and Kirovograd region. The barbed wire is supplied to Kharkiv and Kharkiv region, Lviv and Lviv region, Zaporizhia and Zaporizhia region, Simferopol and Crimea, Ivano-Frankivsk and Ivano-Frankivsk region, Sumy and Sumy region, Ternopil and Ternopil region, Cherkasy and Cherkasy region.

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